Life Takes Its “Tolle” – part 1 of 3

Although I very much respect and admire Oprah Winfrey for her tremendous career and her many philanthropic efforts, I don’t tend to read a specific book simply because Oprah told me to! However, recently I was inexplicably drawn to reading the latest offering from her current “life guru”, Eckhart Tolle. The book is called A New Earth – Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose. Tolle has managed to synthesize a vast amount of religious, philosophical, spiritual and even scientific ideas and insights into a rather simple, coherent and enlightening thesis that at its very core simply rings truer than anything else I’ve read on the subject. If you are at all a fan of Deepak Chopra and the like, it is well worth the read.

Throughout his book, Tolle illustrates how he believes we, on a physical (form) level, are actually all temporary manifestations of the creator, the “I Am”, or “God” – the universal intelligence or “Being” of which we are all a part, and which is timeless and formless. Try as we might, by the very fact that we are in a time and mind constrained form, we can never fully grasp this Being’s true nature. However, if we are able to silence our minds for a moment and in so doing be truly “present” in that moment, we can indeed catch “glimpses” of the true essence of this Being. Eventually, as we become more aware of being, as opposed to thinking or doing, we will find our stress levels reduced dramatically. Ultimately, we will find true inner peace – a peace and fulfillment that no amount of external achievement and/or accumulation can provide. In other words, when we finally come to accept the true nature of existence (the ego) and its (secondary) relationship and relevance to that of simply “Being”, we will find joy in every moment, no matter how seemingly mundane or even painful it may sometimes appear from a physical perspective. This enlightenment, or “awakening”, will set us free to live the life we are meant to live, however short or long…at every moment… and be happy doing so!

As I got deep into the book, I started to realize just how “in sync” I am with this man’s point of view. In fact, as I will demonstrate, I am starting to feel that a couple of the songs from my CD, Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind), are in some ways synopses of the key insights of A New Earth. It is as though, by some confluence of universal energy, while Tolle was busy writing the longhand prose version, I was busy writing the shorthand (hopefully poetic) version! I would like to believe that the seeming simultaneity of our creative works has some deeper significance with respect to the spiritual awakening of which Tolle writes. It would appear we are indeed connected. If only I could get Oprah to endorse my CD as well… I would be connected and RICH!!! Uh-oh… that’s my EGO talking!!!

Please check out part 2 of This Life Takes Its “Tolle” – which examines my song, Walls, and its relation to key concepts in Tolle’s book. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please share it with others. Peace.


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15 / April / 2008  English, Thoughts   

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