Match Made in Heaven!

Hey again! First off, thanks to everyone who has expressed concern about the loss of my voice. Although the problem is still lingering (3 weeks later), I’m confident that things will be back to normal soon…

NOW…I just wanted to send out some wishes for a very happy and fulfilling marriage to my good buddy and brilliant songwriter, Justin Hines! He married his lovely bride, Savanna, back on May 31st in BC. I then had the honor of being invited to take part in their Toronto celebration this past Friday evening. Although my voice was still not up to par, I was thrilled to be asked to sing a couple of tunes as part of the event.

But I’m not writing to talk about my singing…or anyone else’s for that matter – even though there were some terrific performances. What I want to share with you is the wonderful storybook tale of how Justin and Savanna came together. I hope they won’t mind me telling this story. I am recounting it second hand, so please forgive any slight detail variances…but the basic story goes like this:

Justin released his brilliant debut CD (“Sides”) over a year ago now. Last September, all the way out in BC, Savanna discovered his music and was apparently so moved by it that she emailed Justin. Well, from that initial contact, they really hit it off, and started talking on the phone every night! Eventually Savanna packed up her van and drove across the country to meet Justin in person!

After spending a couple of weeks in Ontario, Savanna got a job and decided to stay…only to then receive devastating news that her mother had been diagnosed with brain cancer. Savanna, an only child, rushed back to BC to be with her mother and family.

After a few weeks of being apart, Justin then went out to meet Savanna’s family in BC, where he proposed…and the rest is history!

They accelerated the wedding preparations to be sure that Savanna’s mother could attend…which she did. The slide show from the wedding had me choked up, and I had not yet even met Savanna. Having now met her, I can honestly say that she is a beautiful person in every sense of the word!

Weddings are most often beautiful, joyous events, but this night in Toronto – although bittersweet – was magical. One could truly feel the deep love these two people have for each other…and the love that so many people in attendance feel for them. I guess the reason I’m sharing this story is to say that (notwithstanding the tragic loss of Savanna’s mother) my faith in storybook romances with fairytale endings has been restored, thanks to these two very special individuals.

So as Justin and Savanna embark on their journey of a million moments together, may their love stay ever strong, and may each moment be a storybook moment with a fairytale ending. We should all be so blessed!


17 / July / 2008  English   

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