“This is RADIO SOMEWHERE…” I was already excited and very appreciative of the solid radio support I’ve received from CBC Radio nationwide over the past year, as well as from CBC Montreal, CHOM-FM, and CKUT-FM in promoting my recent Montreal dates…but I was not anticipating the news I received this past week. Now, I have indeed had some terrific response to my lead-off single, Let It Go, from plenty of far-away places, such as Japan, the UK, even Romania! But little could I have predicted that a radio station right here in Toronto, Canada (103.9 PROUD-FM ), would go above and beyond the call by….wait for it……by creating a DANCE REMIX of my song and putting it into rotation starting this weekend! You heard right – a dance remix of Let It Go by the very cool and highly respected DJ Cajjmere Wray! I can honestly say I never would have foreseen this in a million years…but I am really touched and thankful that “Cajj” and the good people at 103.9 PROUD-FM are breathing new life into the song. So starting this weekend, be sure to tune in, either on the radio or via the Internet, and see if you can catch the Cajjmere Wray remix of Peter Bloom Band’s Let It Go. Heck…while you’re at it, go ahead, CLICK HERE AND REQUEST IT, why don’t you!
Thanks for your continuing support! Peace.

3 / February / 2009  English   

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