CD “Drops” Tuesday!!!

I figure I should try to use the “industry” lingo (“Drops”), now that I have become a part of the machine that is Universal Music – HA!

Anyway, not much to say other than that I’m excited about my CD coming out on DEP/Universal (via Blue Sapphire Music) this Tuesday, September 22nd. For those of you who have been on the fence about buying the indie version, you have 3 days left to do so via

After that, the “label” version will be the one to get. It has totally revamped packaging, including all the lyrics, and some great new artwork! Due to a technical issue, the music likely won’t be available on iTunes, etc. for another couple of weeks…BUT you can always either check out your local retailer (HMV, etc.).

Can’t wait to be touring! We’re starting with a radio tour up in northern Ontario. But I will soon be filling in all those TBA dates on my schedule, so hang on.

Thanks for the continuing support!



19 / September / 2009  English   

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