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I don’t normally use this blog for a sales pitch, but if you’ve been thinking about buying PBB’s Random Thoughts CD, you might find this offer interesting.

As my debut CD is now distributed by DEP/Universal Canada, I can no longer sell it online at my site. But here’s what I thought might be cool: I still have a couple of boxes of the independent version of my CD in stock. Those CDs have now become “limited edition” copies…perhaps even “collector’s items” one day soon – hey, one has to dream BIG! HA!

So, if you go to Amazon.ca, and buy a copy of the label release of PBB’s Random Thoughts CD (same music as the indie disc, with new artwork, AND lyrics included), I will then also send you a FREE autographed copy of the indie CD to whatever name you wish! I’ll even pay the shipping and handling!! Try to do it soon – Amazon.ca has a special price – only $8.99 Canadian per CD (plus tax and S&H)…but only until Tuesday the 29th! Simply email me (pete@peterbloom.ca) some sort of confirmation of your purchase (the Amazon transaction confirmation number will do), and I will send you the second CD…FREE!

I’m not doing this for the money, believe me. Once the label takes its cut of the retail CD sale, and I pay the S&H on your free indie disc (which I also paid for), I’ll be lucky to break even. BUT the way I see it, everybody wins – the label gets some sales, I get my music out there, and YOU get a FREE, “limited edition”, autographed CD, which you can either keep as a souvenir or give to a friend or family member.

Of course, I’ll keep the offer going beyond this Tuesday (when Amazon’s special price expires), but – as cheesy as this sounds – supplies are truly limited. Seriously – I have about a 100 indie CDs available for this. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Thanks for your continuing support!



27 / September / 2009  English   

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