Back to Life…

1. R.I.P., “Mr. Bloom”…

For those of you who may have been wondering what happened to me and my blogs this past year, I can only say that life – or more precisely death – forced me to put everything on hold for the latter half of 2010. Sadly, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in the spring, and the brutal reality simply took the wind out of me and my desire to perform. After six months of unbelievably stoic determination, Dad’s brave fight was lost. Since his passing in the fall, I have slowly tried to put myself back together, which has not been an easy task. One of the few people in the world whose opinion and support mean everything to me is now gone. I guess one never really gets over it. The best one can hope is to get through it and manage to keep living life to the fullest, as I am sure Dad would want. So as a difficult year has now come to a close, I begin a new year with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, in his honour and memory. Here’s to much happiness and success in 2011 for all of us.



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