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5 stars out of 5. Peter Bloom is a singular talent. His Americana infused pop-rock should bring him much success in a perfect world.  Peter Bloom is going places. You’ll want to be along for the ride. Wildy’s World.Com - Editor's Review 

For (people) keen to try Canadian pop but put off by all the oddball Montreal indie acts, the answer may come in the shape of Peter Bloom. Earnest as a Toronto winter day is short, Bloom makes sweeping piano pop redolent of late Beatles ballads or Chris Martin at his most thoughtful. Download.Com - Editor's Review

This is simply gorgeous piano/orchestral-based pop, carried to the next level by Bloom's insightful lyrics and full-bodied melodic sensibilities.  Jason Warburg - The Daily Vault

(Bloom's) voice belts out—teeming with beauty, heart, and skill. He channels UK singers like Bono, Tom Chaplin, Freddy Mercury, and Paddy Casey, while still staying true to his Canadian self.  So play “Random Thoughts” while on a road trip—it’s perfect for getting lost in the music and the drive.  Anney E. J. Ryan - Skope Magazine

An aching heart bleeds out with sincerity.  Bloom has an earnest touch that will win friends.

This is one of the more accomplished debuts I've heard...Bloom and his band put across his well-constructed, catchy melodies and emotionally charged lyrics with easygoing confidence...Bloom's high, liquid tenor is very appealing - boyish yet with depth of feeling. Eric Olsen - Blog Critics Magazine

Random Thoughts is an album that you can't help singing along to.  Even though the melodies and lyrics are emotionally charged, the whole package will put a spring in your step. Joe Hartlaub - Music-Reviewer.Com

“Random Thoughts (From A Paralyzed Mind)” may be the band’s first full length, but the maturity exhibited will easily fool individuals into thinking that this is their fourth or fifth album. Neufutur.Com

Holy s--t... is all I can say man!! This music is beautiful.... I'm speechless and touched man... This is real music here! This is beautiful!! Let It Go is my new favourite song! Justin Nozuka - Singer/Songwriter

You are an amazing songwriter! Tootall - Host of "Made In Canada" (CHOM-FM, Montreal)

Colorful melodies with a great feel. Great instrumentation, excellent phrasing and harmonies that come together to make the songs soar. Beautiful songs that tug at the heart. You (have) your own unique flair. Song of the Year - Review

Where have you been, man?! Denny Carr - RGK Entertainment Group

You have a beautiful voice. These are beautiful songs. Susan Burger - Third Tier Entertainment

Pete, I get a ton of submissions weekly, and honestly, you've been one of my favorites.Great stuff! Zach Davis - Sr. A&R Manager, Fresh Tracks Music

WOW, the songs sound awesome - they sound like you, no one else but you.  AWESOME! Damhnait Doyle - Singer/Songwriter (Shaye)